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The scene opens with a fade in from black. An infinite expanse of gleaming stars spills out over an ornate balcony of alabaster stone. Between the stars strands of blue silk weave together in an intricate web. Spiders in brilliant colors the size of large dogs inch their way back and forth along the tendrils of fate.

A woman steps forward onto the balcony. She is dressed in a long flowing kimono in a patchwork of blues, purples, and white silk. Her face is young and lovely, but her true age is betrayed perhaps by the stark white of her hair. It is cut into impossibly sharp angles and decorated only with a single silver tiara which drops a small blue crystal onto the center of her forehead. She stares off into the weave of fate as the pattern spiders work. Her eyes shimmer with a cold light and she smiles ruefully.

“My Lord Chejop how may I help you?” she says turning to face the doorway behind her.

A man appears as the camera spins to encompass him and the vast palace behind him. He is an older man with finer robes and a long staffed topped with a green gem clutched by a dragon's claw. He is balding on the crown of his head but the rest of his hair is long stark white and tied into a complicated braid. His frown is framed by a perfectly trimmed goatee.

“The codex has begun to appear again in the loom. I have seen it in no less than a dozen possible futures.” he snarls barely able to contain his anger.

“So I have heard.” She says coolly turning again to watch the web. "How distressing for you."

"You and your gold faction sympathizers are going to jeopardize the careful balance we have crafted. I will not stand by.”

"I'm sure I know not of what you speak."

Anger takes the place of calm in Chejop's face. He moves with lightning speed and he stands in font of The Lady. Thunder echoes through the chambers summoned by his temper.

"Do not treat me as some feckless mortal! I will see you burned for this if I find so much as a shred of evidence that you're helping them.”

The woman in response does not move. Instead she simply points out at the web. Five stars flare into brilliance in different locations. The new stars begin to shift and move causing spiders to dance out of their way. They slowly begin to gather until they form a circle around a red star hanging in a bundle of knotted threads.

“I think you will find my charges need know help from me in this endeavor. I only seek to record as is my purpose. I am not the great mastermind and manipulator you are my lord.”

Rage suffuses his face and he whirls on his foot. In a storm of billowing silk robes he stomps off into the Miaden's Palace with a bevy of ministers scrambling in his wake.

“Where did you hid it?” asks a voice from the shadows.

The Lady in Patchwork Robes turns to see another figure lurking behind her. This one is short and covered head to toe in blue and black wrappings much like a indigo mummy.

"A place they are sure to look… Tell the order to prepare their pupils. If all goes well a world of possibilities will open before them and a chance for their charges to steal some of the might from the first age.”

The figure vanishes into the maze of blue roses leaving the lady alone once again to ponder the weave of fate.

End Scene

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